OPENING NIGHT, Wednesday, September 24, 2015
7:00PM - 8:55PM "Wild" (1:35)
Director: Jean-Marc Vallee
Writer: Writers Nick Hornby
Starring: Laura Dern, Reese Witherspoon, Gabby Hoffman, Charles Baker
Synopsis: With the dissolution of her marriage and the death of her mother, Cheryl Strayed has lost all hope. After years of reckless, destructive behavior, she makes a rash decision. With absolutely no experience, driven only by sheer determination, Cheryl hikes more than a thousand miles of the Pacific Crest Trail, alone. WILD powerfully captures the terrors and pleasures of one young woman forging ahead against all odds on a journey that maddens, strengthens, and ultimately heals her.

Thursday, September 25, 2015
6:00PM - 7:35PM World Premier of "Widowmaker" (1:35)
Director: Patrick Forbes
Starring: Larry King
Synopsis: Every minute of every year an American drops dead of a heart attack, hundreds of thousands without any warning or prior symptom. But these people could have been saved. The Widowmaker uncovers a chilling tale of greed, ego, and a conspiracy of silence around that most vulnerable of human organs - the heart.

8:45PM - 10:15PM Advanced Screening of "White Rabbit" (1:29)
Director: Tim McCann
Producers: Tim McCann
Writer: Jacky Lee Morgan, Shaun S. Sanghani, Robert Yocum
Starring: Sam Trammell, Britt Robertson, Nick Krause
Synopsis: Harlon has been tormented since childhood by visions of the white rabbit his father forced him to kill while hunting as a young boy. Now that Harlon is a bullied teenager, his undiagnosed mental illness is getting worse. He begins to hear voices, and his imagination threatens to prompt him to carry out violent acts. A rebellious new girl moves to town, and she and Harlon become fast friends. But when she betrays Harlon, the rabbit along with other imaginary characters taunt him into committing one final act of revenge.

Friday, September 26, 2015
6:00PM - 7:00PM Film Trio
Film Trio: The Shallows (0:20)
Director: Zeshawn Ali
Synopsis: What happens when everything you once believed in is gone? The film follows people trying to find their faith again- in each other, in God, and in the great water tower that watches over their town.

The Orphan and The Polar Bear (0:09) Animated
Director: Neil Christopher
Synopsis:According to Inuit oral history, long ago animals had the power of speech, could shift their appearances, and could even assume human form. In The Orphan and the Polar Bear, a neglected orphan is adopted by a polar bear elder. Under the bear's guidance, the little orphan learns the skills he will need to survive and provide for himself.

Changing Minds at Concord High (0:31)
Director: Susan Weiser-Finley
Synopsis:Concord High is a transfer school - a last chance school for at-risk teens. Most of its students have histories of trauma and academic failure. This film follows them as they participate in a semester-long mindfulness-training program. The twist is that the students both helped to film the experience and conducted a scientific study - of their classmates! - comparing the effects of mindfulness training with that of a placebo group. Working as research assistants for scientists from Harvard and Hunter College, they posed the question: Would practicing mindfulness for just three minutes a day help their classmates learn to cope with anxiety and destructive emotions? Said one reformed skeptic: Even though you can't change most of what happens in life, you can change your mind.

7:30PM Visionary (1:25)
Directors: Ben Proulx
Starring: Melissa McMeekin, Sophie Frieden, Stephen McElwain, Evalena Marie
Synopsis: Ava Vallier (Sophie Frieden), a 10-year-old with high functioning autism, is forced through auditions by her mother, Rita (Melissa McMeekin). She is surprisingly cast in a major studio film by the hand of deranged director, Daniel Long (Stephen McElwain). Candice Merlot (Evalena Marie), a popular movie star, becomes aware of Daniel's obsession with Ava, and attempts to save the young girl. However, Rita is blinded by her own dreams of success and continues to steer her daughter toward danger. When the film runs into problems and Daniel's past unveils itself, things have already begun to go horribly wrong.

Saturday, September 27, 2015
12:00PM - 2:23PM Shorts Program
Program: Committed (0:27)
Director: Mehran Torgoley
Synopsis: A compassionate nurse in the women's ward of an overcrowded mental hospital in the early 1950's struggles to prove the sanity of a young paraplegic patient.

Mourning Glory (0:07)
Director: Jana King
Producer: Kelly Kalichman
Synopsis: Narcissistic funeral attendees inadvertently discover the meaning of mourning, ultimately coming together in a surprising show of emotion, thanks to a family of professional grievers.

Into the Silent Sea (0:25)
Director: Andrej Landin
Synopsis: Alexander, a lone cosmonaut, is adrift in orbit around Earth. He has lost communications and life-support systems are dwindling fast. At the same time in Italy, a radio engineer is working the night shift. He discovers a voice amidst the empty static. It is Alexander's emergency transmission, carried across space from his dying capsule. Over one night these two men are bonded, but their new found friendship, might not last the night.

Fearless (0:26)
Director: Ted Kocheff
Synopsis: A beautiful aging actress has a chance encounter with a young doctor trying to commit suicide. He is not the only one with secrets

The Heebie Jeebies (009)
Director: Todd Slawsby
Synopsis: After hearing a scary bedtime story, a young boy and girl become convinced they have monsters under their beds. They may be right...

Celluloid Dreams (0:11)
Director: Jonathan Dillon
Synopsis: When an old man fixes a busted projector, he is able to relive home movies of the past, and starts to believe he can change them.

26.2 Miles Closer to Living (0:12)
Director: Lisa Copeland
Synopsis: 26.2: Miles Closer to Living' is a documentary that will follow a runner who is training to run the 2015 Boston Marathon after witnessing the tragedy of the Boston bombings in 2015.

3:30PM - 4:15PM East Coast Premier Of "The Current" (0:46)
Director: Kurt Miller
Narrator: Jean-Michel Cousteau
Starring: Bethany Hamilton, Missy Franklin
Synopsis: 'The Current', showcases inspiring adaptive athletes, well-respected public figures, and athlete ambassadors of all abilities, overcoming limitations through adaptive water sports such as surfing, scuba diving, free-diving, and ocean kayaking alongside whales and dolphins in exotic locations. Each individual cast member shares inspirational stories of perseverance while reflecting on the bonds of friendship, ultimately revealing the power of the human spirits, and the importance of protecting and conserving the ocean, while discovering and embracing its healing potential.

5:00PM - 6:30PM "The Winding Stream" (1:30)
Director: Beth Harrington
Synopsis: The Winding Stream is a 90-minute High Definition music history documentary-in-progress that tells the story of the American roots music dynasty, the Carters and the Cashes. Starting with the Original Carter Family (A.P., Sara, Maybelle), the film traces the ebb and flow of their influence, the transformation of that act into the Carter Sisters, the marital alliance with legend Johnny Cash and the efforts of present-day family to keep this legacy alive. No one has yet pulled together all the elements of this family saga in one documentary. The goal of The Winding Stream is to honor this multi-generational family where it stands -- at the headwaters of American roots music

7:10PM - 9:00PM "Our Tough Guy" (0:16)
Director: Molly Schiot
Synopsis: John Wensink's most infamous moment came on December 1, 1977. After finishing up an exchange of fists with Alex Pirus, Wensink skated over to the Minnesota bench and motioned with his hands, challenging the entire team but no player responded. Through Wensink's own words and additional context provided by die hard fans, family and fellow NHL players, this short will delve into the mindset of the Bruins' most legendary enforcer and the journey one takes when that life is left behind.

7:10PM - 9:00PM East Coast Premier"Playing for The Mob" (1:30)
Directors: Joe Lavine, Cayman Grant
Narrator: Ray Liotta
Starring: Jim Sweeney - Former BC basketball player, Ed McDonald - Prosecutor of BC-point shaving case (played himself in the movie "Goodfellas")
Synopsis: What happens when you combine "Goodfellas" with college basketball? You get "Playing for the Mob," the story of how mobster Henry Hill - played by Ray Liotta in the 1990 Martin Scorsese classic - orchestrated the fixing of Boston College basketball games in 1978 and 1979. The details of that point-shaving scandal are revealed for the first time on film through the testimony of the players, the federal investigators and the actual fixers, including Hill, who died shortly after he was interviewed. "Playing for the Mob" may be set in the seemingly golden world of college basketball, but like "Goodfellas," this is a tale of greed, betrayal and reckoning. Ultimately, they both share the same message: With that much money at stake, you can't trust anybody.

CLOSING NIGHT, Sunday, September 28, 2015
12:00PM - 1:46PM Short Program II (1:35)
Program: The Man From the City (0:11)
Director: Elias Plagianos
Synopsis: A mysterious businessman visits a small town with questionable intentions as he contemplates leaving his big city life behind. Starring SAG award winner Robert Clohessy ( Boardwalk Empire, Blue Bloods, Wolf of Wall Street ) and Sean Young ( Blade Runner, Ace Ventura, No Way Out).

Tobacco Burn (0:17)
Director: Justin Liberman
Synopsis: Based on an oral history from the W.P.A. Writers, Tobacco Burn is set thirty-five years before the Civil War at the height of American slavery. When two of the enslaved weigh the complexities of killing their overseer, each develop a different understanding towards violence, acting on which could cost all of them their lives.

The Unremembered (0:13)
Director: Chris Knight
Synopsis: Ray's quiet farm life is interrupted when a stranger appears from the future asking for help. But when another time-traveler arrives to hunt down the stranger, Ray must decide whether to protect the stranger or save himself.

Marie (0:12)
Director: Alfredo Tanaka
Synopsis: Marie is a classic beauty who longs for the one man she cannot have, and is willing to give up anything - even her identity - to elicit his affection.

A man on the Edge (0:12)
Director: Edward Lyons
Synopsis: When a troubled man on a cliff top is on the verge of committing suicide, he is interrupted by a young vivacious woman. Through a series of heart wrenching flashbacks he reveals to her how he killed his wife. As he tries to come to terms with his grief, the Woman offers him hope in a manner he never expected..

The Bath (0:25)
Director: Mark Lundsten
Synopsis: A woman with Alzheimer's raises havoc with her family, but manages to bestow a blessing on both her burned-out caregiver husband, and on her overtaxed adult daughter, even though she doesn't know who either of them are.

Bis Gleich (0:20)
Director: Benjamin Wolff
Synopsis: An unspoken connection between two elderly neighbors, who share a daily ritual but who have never actually met, deepens when they face the inevitable...together.

Sogni D'Oro: Dreams of Gold (0:20)
Director: Elysa Boyd
Synopsis: Inspired by dresses in the local dress shop, a young girl is transported from her mundane life into a world of dreams and possibilities. Sogni d'Oro (Dreams of Gold) is an old fashioned fairy tale about a young girl growing up in relative poverty on a farm with her father. Every Friday at 5pm the local dress shop changes its window display and she rushes to see what imaginary delights each new dress will conjure...

2:00PM - 3:22PM World Premier of "112 Years at the Ranch" (0:29)
Director: Ken Smith
Synopsis: This documentary short is about a fourth generation rancher and his family bringing their beef and lamb business into the 21st century with organic, sustainable, ecologically conscious methods with the local consumer in mind.

2:00PM - 3:22PM World Premier of "The Shale Rock Revolution" (0:54)
Director: Robin Bossert
Producer: Chris Faulkner
Synopsis: This documentary explores the controversial practice of horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing in the oil and gas industry. It strives to give a balanced explanation of the risks and the opportunities presented by this technology. Its message is that we are all in this together and we can figure out how to protect our planet and communities, reduce carbon dioxide emissions while energizing our national economy.

4:00PM - 5:08PM World Premier of "Zemene" (1:04)
Director: Melissa Donovan
Starring: Dr. Rick Hodes, Zemene, Menormelkam
Synopsis: "Zemene" is a full-length documentary that follows a spirited 10-year old Ethiopian girl, Zemenework (Zemene), as she fights to keep hope alive and survive her life-threatening condition of Kyphosis, a severe curvature of the spine. With no health care in her village, Zemene travels with her Uncle Menormelkam to the city of Gondar, where they are told that there is no medical treatment that can save her. At a critical moment, Zemene and her Uncle cross paths with Dr. Rick Hodes, an internist, whose life's work is to help those in need. This chance encounter takes Zemene and her Uncle down a new path, giving them hope for the future. "Zemene" movingly depicts how individuals providing care to children in need can transform not only individual lives, but communities as well.

6:00PM - 7:16PM Advanced Screening of "Love Thy Nature" (1:16)
Director: Sylvie Rokab
Producer: Elaine Souda
Narrator: Liam Neeson
Synopsis: Narrated by Liam Neeson, Love Thy Nature is a documentary film that takes viewers on an awe-inspiring cinematic journey into the beauty and intimacy of our relationship with the natural world. Neeson is the voice of "Sapiens" - our collective humankind - who faces possible death due to the severity of Earth's environmental crisis. But, inspired by experts' insights, Sapiens awakens to the realization that a renewed connection with nature holds the key to a highly advanced new era in human evolution.

8:30PM - 10:00PM Boston Premier of "Slingshot" (1:30)
Director: Paul Lazarus
Producer: Paul Lazarus, Barry Opper
Synopsis: SlingShot focuses on inventor Dean Kamen (Segway Human Transporter) and his 15-year quest to solve the world's safe water crisis. Iconoclast, Kamen, is a modern hero. His inventions, mostly medical devices, help people in need and ease suffering. SlingShot is a film about an indomitable man who just might have enough passion, will, and innovative thinking to create a solution for the planet's biggest challenge. Fifty percent of all human illness is the result of water borne pathogens.

The 2015 Boston Film Festival sponsors include NBC Universal, The A+E Networks, The Hollywood Reporter, ABC Disney, ESPN and the Revere Hotel.

The 2015 Boston Film Festival is one of America's longest-running celebrations of film with a rich history of premiering some of Hollywood's most-revered films. Dedicated to supporting evolving filmmakers, the festival provides a forum in which to showcase their artistic vision. It has hosted such acclaimed filmmakers and actors as Melissa Leo, George Clooney and Aaron Eckhart, among others. The event annually presents a spectrum of awards with new and unusual categories being recently added to showcase the best talent. "The Mass Impact Award" is given to a filmmaker whose movie illustrates a social issue that most positively affects humanity.

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