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7:30PM Papa - Special Screening (116 min)
Genre: Drama
Director: Bob Yari*
Writer: Denne Bart Petitclerc
Starring: Joely Richardson, Giovani Ribisi, Minka Kelly*, James Remar, Shaun Toub*, Adrian Sparks*, James Molinari, Mariel Hemingway
Synopsis: "PAPA" is a true story and follows journalist Ed Myers (Denne Bart Petitclerc) on his adventures to Cuba in the late 1950's after Myers' childhood idol, the legendary Ernest Hemingway, responds to his fan letter. Hidden away at a private estate with his wife Mary, the elusive author mentors Myers in fishing, drinking, and finding his voice, while the Cuban Revolution boils around them. In this turbulent landscape, beholding an icon in his declining years, Myers discovers his strength, while recognizing that all of our heroes are human.

FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 18, 2015 - JFK LIBRARY IMAX Theater - Columbia Point

7:00pm Mail Man (24 min)
Genre: Drama/ Comedy
Director: William Aydelott*
Producers: David Graves*
Starring: Bradley J. Van Dussen and Pamela Chabora
Synopsis: Real letters are a rarity in the internet age. "Mail.Man" dramatically illustrates their continued importance through the unique experience of a veteran mail carrier. Modern technology is part of the twist that could make text-obsessed viewers rediscover the power and beauty of well-written words on paper.

7:00pm All Mistakes Buried - World Premier (84 min)
Genre: Drama
Director: Tim McCann
Writer: Tim McCann and Shaun S. Sanghani*
Producers: Benjamin Bickham and Shaun S. Sanghani
Starring: Vanessa Ferlito, Sam Trammell* and Missy Yager
Synopsis: Heartbroken, drug addicted, and living in squalor, Sonny (Sam Trammell) becomes obsessed with returning a necklace to his estranged wife for their anniversary. When the necklace is stolen by a gang of criminals led by a tough small-town madam named Franki, he risks his life navigating the seedy underbelly of his Louisiana town to get it back.

9:15PM You Belong to Me: Sex, Race and Murder in the South (88 min)
Genre: Documentary
Producers: Jude Hagin* and Hilary Saltzman*
Writer: John Cork*
Synopsis: A compelling documentary that revisits the 1952 murder case in which Ruby McCollum, a black woman, fatally shot a white doctor, state Senator-elect Clifford Leroy Adams in Florida. The film compiles research and interviews about the murder and subsequent court trial of Ruby McCollum in which she testified that Adams, the son of a powerful political family, had forced her into a long sexual relationship that resulted in an unwanted child, and that she shot him in self-defense. The slaying and ultimate trial stirred race relations in the southern town, and brought to light a left over legacy from the slavery era of a white man's right to a black woman's body, known in today's lexicon as "Paramour Rights."


6:45pm No Greater Love - World Premier (94 min)
Genre: Documentary
Director: Justin Roberts*
Producers: Brent Dones, Priyank Desai*
Synopsis: "No Greater Love" explores a combat deployment through the eyes of an Army chaplain, as he and his men fight their way through a hellish tour in one of the most dangerous places in Afghanistan and then as they struggle to reintegrate home.

9:15pm Evan's Crime - World Premier (94 min)
Genre: Drama
Director: Sandy Tung
Producers: Molly M. Mayeux, Dale Rosenbloom, Sandy Tung
Stars: Douglas Smith*, David Arquette, Annika Noelle*
Synopsis: "Evan's Crime" is about a college student, Evan White, who is unjustly accused of selling marijuana and cocaine and is threatened with up to 28 years in jail by an ambitious Federal prosecutor. The movie is a dramatic portrayal of the inequities of the American justice system and one young man's struggle against it.


12:20pm - 2:15pm Shorts Program
Title: Mother of Sorrows (25 min)
Genre: Drama/ Thriller/ Mystery
Director: Kristin Verbitsky*
Producers: Kristin Verbitsky*, Paul Verbitsky*
Starring: Paul Gutkowski, Jenson Smith
Synopsis: "Mother of Sorrows" follows handsome Dr. Ted Maple and his wife, Marlie, who seem to be the perfect suburban couple. When Marlie falls mysteriously ill, Ted is a devoted caregiver, tending to her every need, especially making sure she takes her pills. But when Marlie begins skipping her medicine, she starts to notice things that lead her to doubt her own sanity as well as her faith in the good doctor.
Title: Airhead (3:13 min)
Genre: Drama / Fantasy
Director: Jason Fenton*
Producers: Jason Fenton*
Starring: Adam Heroux and Sabrina Fenton
Synopsis: A balloon man struggles through the ennui of an average day only to discover something unexpected and wonderful in the end.
Title: Ultra Violent (15:49 min)
Genre: Drama
Director: Michael Easton
Synopsis: On April 24, 1996, in an act that mirrors the ending of his best-known film Performance, avant-garde director Donald Cammell shoots himself in the head, putting an end to a lifelong obsession with art, insanity and death.
Title: Frog (17:15 min)
Genre: Drama/Action/ Adventure
Director: Tyler Wallach
Producers: Jonathan Bucari, Lenny Emery
Starring: Liam Foley, Cayce Kolodney, Clare Foley, Gabriel Rush
Synopsis: After school, Danny, an innocent 11-year-old, retreats to his refuge - the frog pond. After catching a frog, he steps outside of his comfort zone and ventures further upstream. It is here, in dark woods, that he comes face to face with the neighborhood bullies. They proceed to teach him a cruel lesson on the penalties of trespassing and kill his frog. Frog is a story of innocence, cruelty, and triumph that focuses on Danny's quest to seek justice
Title: The Emissary (14:20 min)
Genre: Drama/Music
Director: Rudy Dobrev
Producers: Rudy Dobrev, Andrea Harrison, Thomas Kaier, and Doug Hall
Starring: Margo Martindale* and Rudy Dobrev*
Synopsis: Margo Martindale (Emmy Award winning actress in a Drama Series, 'Justified') ('August: Osage County', 'Million Dollar Baby') takes on the lead role of Natalie Ray, a mother longing for her son. Loosely based on Bellini's opera 'Norma' and inspired by the final days of opera legend Maria Callas, director Rudy Dobrev ('Morning Calm'), editor Richard Marizy (Academy Award and Golden Globe Award winning film 'La Vie en Rose') and cinematographer Daniel Katz (Academy Award winning film 'Curfew') bring the viewer on a journey of self-realization, discovery and reckoning. An obsession with a young man who resembles her son leads Martindale to a surprise encounter with the stranger when he suddenly shows up at her New York City apartment. Their seemingly fortuitous meeting opens the door to a maelstrom of unpredictable realities as paths cross and lives collide.
Title: A Man Wake Up (14:16 min)
Genre: Comedy
Director: Voki Kalfayan
Producers: Amos Glick
Starring: Jimmy Slonina
Synopsis: The story of a man immersed in a life of habit and routine who, though lonely to the outside eye, seems content to live his stark existence. One morning he awakes to discover an unexplained change in his routine, his apartment, his life!
Title: 90 Degrees North (20:15 min)
Genre: Comedy/ Drama/ Fantasy
Director: Detsky Graffam
Producers: Marianne Graffam
Starring: Carsten Clemens, Ecco Mylla, Jrgen Haug, Stefan Dietrich
Synopsis: It's a fact: good Germans wait at red traffic lights. But what do you do when the green man simply won't appear? In the fantastical black comedy 90 Grad Nord (90 Degrees North) Karl, a stressed businessman, is trapped by an evil traffic island - a bitter fight for survival follows.
Title: The Dynamic Double Standard (4:33 min)
Genre: Comedy
Director: Luke Patton
Producers: Billy Sullivan and Jade Luber
Starring: James Hardy and Kandis Erickson
Synopsis: Zoey's first night as a superhero is nearly ruined when she's given a sexy and impractical uniform

2:30pm - 4:25pm Shorts Program 2
Title: Doug's Christmas (24:30 min)
Genre: Family
Director: Calvin Steinken
Producers: Brendan Wilson
Starring: Clarke Devereux and Maya Boudreau
Synopsis: Christmas Day 1951: Doug survives a battle where his friend, Kim, was killed. The Korean War, Kim's dying words mixed with his passing on Christmas Day, still haunt Doug. Searching for answers, Doug meets a struggling, young mother and her two daughters. The love and hardship of this young family inspire Doug to find meaning in his life. Of all times ... at Christmas.
Title: Colt 13 (13 min)
Genre: Drama
Director: Luke McKay
Producers: Luke McKay, Franck Zuanic and Rachele Wiggins
Starring: Dean Krywood and Ivan Ford
Synopsis: Jack Muldoon was a Rugby League phenomenon with the world at his feet; Billy, his older brother, was a drunken mess, crippled by Jack's fast growing shadow. But a cruel twist of fate tore their existence at the seams and now, 13 years later, Jack is left clinging to shattered dreams and a pension funded booze habit. To make matters worse, Billy's back in town to help bury their Father and has now achieved everything that Jack ever wanted to - family, success and respect. Bitter to the core and with only Billy to blame, Jack wants answers as to how it all went wrong. And he'll stop at nothing to get them.
Title: M. Steinert & Sons (7:38 min)
Genre: Documentary/ Musical/ History
Director: Mike Mallen
Producer: McCabe Walsh
Synopsis: M. Steinert & Sons' iconic store has been a storied presence in Boston for 155 years. A beacon for musicians from across the globe, this shop ultimately redefined its neighborhood into the famed Piano Row. Led by the Murphy family for 4 generations, the legacy surrounding the oldest music store in the United States has evolved into local folklore. Not to mention the ghostlike opera house that sits two stories beneath their Boylston Street location
Title: BRITNEY- holics Anonymous: A SPEAR-itual Awakening (10 min)
Genre: Comedy
Director: Jerell Rosales
Producers: Jerell Rosales and Eileen Soong
Starring: Max Lasser, Suilma Rodriguez and Turi Haim
Synopsis: Freddie gets a Spear-itual awakening when he joins an anonymous support group for closeted Britney Spears fans.
Title: Whiskey Treaty Road Show (23:04 min)
Genre: Music
Director: Timothy Bradley
Producers: Timothy Bradley, Susie Hanna and Tory Hanna
Starring: Tory Hanna, Abe Loomis, Billy Keane, David Tanklefsky and Greg Smith
Synopsis: The Whiskey Treaty Roadshow showcases five acclaimed singer-songwriters hailing from Western Massachusetts and their four-day roadshow throughout the Commonwealth in a fun, lively and engaging way. Through the interviews, performances and experiences captured while on the road, the goal is to feature the musical talents birthing from Western Mass and ultimately reveal the true warmth and beauty of what the Treaty represents: the confluence of music and people and its powerful effect on our shared experiences. The Whiskey Treaty Roadshow is a showcase of the hidden talents of Western Massachusetts, music collaborations, friendship, and the love we show for our community. This film has 100% original score.
Title: Our People (6:40 min)
Genre: Drama/ Music
Director: Albert Kahn
Producers: Albert Kahn
Starring: Allen Enlow and James Miller
Synopsis: A young Jewish man must choose between tradition and true love when his rabbi father forbids further contact with his secret love interest, a young black woman.
Title: Pony (31:08 min)
Genre: Drama
Director: Candice Carella
Producers: Mary Ann Tanedo
Starring: Xander Berkeley, Miko Nakano and Suzy Nakamura
Synopsis: CLAUDIA, a hardworking single mom, has to go out of town on an important last minute business trip, forcing her to leave her 5 year old daughter MIKO with uncle JEFF, a rock musician in his 50's who is still running on fumes of his glory days.
Spending the weekend looking after a spirited 5 year old, Jeff must suspend his delusions of grandeur and face reality. Miko is the catalyst for him to re-evaluate his life and re-connect with the inspiration that originally led him to music and he is able to gently guide her to a nascent understanding of life's vicissitudes.
Title: The Dynamic Double Standard (4:33 min)
Genre: Comedy
Director: Luke Patton
Producers: Billy Sullivan and Jade Luber
Starring: James Hardy and Kandis Erickson
Synopsis: Zoey's first night as a superhero is nearly ruined when she's given a sexy and impractical uniform

5:00pm Aside From That
Director: Richard Tilkin*
Writer: Richard Tilkin*
Stars: Steven Wright*
Synopsis: "Aside From That: A Film About Everyone's Least Favorite Topic. We know we're going to die. And most of us are disturbed, not to say terrified, at the prospect.
Haunted by existential dread, we yearn for a bit of wisdom that might ease our path through life and our passage to whatever -- if anything -- lies beyond. Is there, to borrow a phrase from the corporate world, a best practice for thinking about our own mortality? How should we live, knowing we are going to die?
We pose these questions to random pedestrians ambushed on their lunch hour with intimate inquiries about death. Seeking expert perspective, we also probe the minds of prominent philosophers, spiritual leaders, academics, and one stand-up comic.

7:00pm We the People: The Market Basket Effect - Special Screening
Genre: Documentary
Director: Tommy Reid*
Writer: Jeff Pinilla
Producers: Nick Buzzell*, Mike Buzzell, Bobby Friedman*, Paul Nero and Ted Leonsis
Narrator: Michael Chiklis*
Synopsis: "We The People: The Market Basket Effect chronicles the epic story of the wildly successful Demoulas Super Market family empire that was rapidly pushed to the brink of collapse by greedy shareholders and their representative directors but was ultimately saved by an inspiring groundswell of employee and community support. The chain of events leading up to and including the summer of 2014 cut to the heart of the 30 year old shareholder battle over Market Basket, while the livelihoods of 25,000 employees hung in the balance, and effectively resolved the volatile and emotional family feud in a way that the courts never could..

9:20pm The Life and Death of an Unhappily Married Man (85 min)
Genre: Dark Comedy
Director: Josh Hope*
Writer: Josh Hope*
Stars: Tommy Beardmore*, Rusty Schwimmer, D'arcy Fellona, Robyn Coffin*, Sean Patrick Leonard and Kurt Conroyd
Synopsis: A man disillusioned with his failing marriage and dead end career abruptly decides to visit his past to figure out where it all went wrong.


7:00PM 30 Love - World Premier (96 min)
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance, Sport
Director: Robert Cannon*
Writer: Robert Cannon*, Ira Heffler
Starring: Robert Cannon*, Brenda Vaccaro, Justin Lee*, Mark Gagliardi* and Robert Craighead
Synopsis: When his wife dies giving birth to their first child, a man starts playing tennis in an effort to hold onto her memory. He neglects his newborn daughter and focuses on winning tennis tournaments. Soon, his family intervenes and they begin a tug-of-war for control of his daughter.

8:40PM Dead of Winter: The Donner Party (84 min)
Director: Douglas Glover*
Producer Raymond Bridgers
Synopsis: Dead of winter: The Donner Party tells the story of weathers most-infamous tale. What starts as a call to the West quickly turns to a deadly journey for three families and their compatriots on a quest for the American Dream. Trapped in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, they fall prey to sub-zero temperatures, torrential rainfalls, floods and ten foot snow drifts, and are eventually forced to turn on each other in order to survive.

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