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7:00PM Underfire: The Untold Story of Pfc. Tony Vaccaro
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Length: 77 Minutes
Location: AMC Boston Common
Director: Max Lewkowicz
Producer: HBO/Dog Green Productions
Starring: Tony Vaccaro, Lynsey Addario, Tyler Hicks (Pulitzer Prize-winning NY Times photographer), Anne Wilkes Tucker, John G Morris (former photo editor of Life Magazine) and Robert Capa.
Synopsis: With a $47 camera and developing the negatives in his helmet at night, WWII infantryman Tony Vaccaro created one of the most comprehensive, haunting and intimate photographic records of combat. Underfire engages timeless ethical issues surrounding war photography and how images shape public perceptions of conflict.
Trailer: Underfire

Q&A Attendees Immediately After Film: Dir. Max Lewkowicz, Tony Vaccaro, Senior NYT Staff Photographer James Estrin


7:00 PM Finding Oscar
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Length: 98 Minutes
Location: Theatre One, Revere Hotel
Director: Ryan Suffern
Producer: Steven Spielberg, Frank Marshall, Ryan Suffern, Scott Greathead
Synopsis: FINDING OSCAR is the feature-length documentary about the search for justice in the case of the Dos Erres massacre in Guatemala in 1982. That search leads to the trail of two little boys, Oscar and Ramiro, who were abducted during the slaughter and raised by some of the very soldiers who had murdered their families. These boys offer the only living evidence that ties the Guatemalan government to the massacre.
Trailer: Finding Oscar
Finding Oscar
Q&A Attendees Immediately After Film: Dir. Ryan Suffern, Agent John Longo, Scott Greathead, and surprise guests

9:30 PM First Girl I Loved
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Length: 98 Minutes
Location: Theatre One, Revere Hotel
Director: Kerem Sanga
Producer: Leslie Braun, Stephen Braun, Seth Caplan, Roberta Compton
Starring: Dylan Gelula, Brianna Hildebrand, Pamela Adlon
Synopsis: Seventeen-year-old Anne just fell in love with Sasha, the most popular girl at her LA public high school. But when Anne tells her best friend Clifton - who has always harbored a secret crush - he does his best to get in the way.
Trailer: First girl I Loved
First Girl I Love
Q&A Attendees Immediately After Film: Dir. Kerem Kirun Sanga, Dylan Gelula


12:30PM Bang! The Bert Berns Story
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Length: 94 Minutes
Location: Boston Public Library
Director: Brett Berns, Bob Sarles
Producer: Sid Ganis, Michael Perlman
Stars: Steven Van Zandt, Paul McCartney, Solomon Burke, Van Morrison, Ben E. King, Ronald Isley
Synopsis: Steven Van Zandt narrates the life of Bert Berns, the influential songwriter and producer behind such classics as "Twist and Shout" and "Piece of My Heart," whose 1960s record label launched the careers of Van Morrison and Neil Diamond. BANG! charts Berns' besieged path through the record industry from multiple perspectives, courtesy of interviews with Paul McCartney, Van Morrison, Solomon Burke, Ben E. King, Betty Harris, and Ronald Isley, as well as no-holds-barred revelations from record executives, songwriters, and even mob-connected artist managers.
Trailer: Bang! The Bert Berns Story
Q&A Attendees Immediately After Film: Dir. Brett Berns, Dir. Bob Sarles

3:00PM Midsummer in Newtown
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Length: 81 Minutes
Location: Boston Public Library
Director: Lloyd Kramer
Producer: Vulcan Productions/Participant Media
Synopsis: Midsummer in Newtown is a testament to the transformative force of artistic expression to pierce through the shadow cast by trauma. In the wake of the Sandy Hook tragedy, one grieving couple honors their daughter through music, while community children find their voice through a rock-pop version of “A Midsummer Night's Dream
Trailer: Midsummer in Newtown Trailer
Midsummer in Newtown
Q&A Attendees Immediately After Film: Dir. Lloyd Kramer, Sophronia Scott, Tain Scott

Who's There? (Short Playing before Delinquent)
Length: 4 min 37 sec
Director: Joe Russo
Synopsis: Based on true events, Kurt is startled awake in the middle of the night. Is it his imagination playing tricks or is there someone in the house with him?

7:15 PM Delinquent
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Length: 97 Minutes
Location: AMC Boston Common
Director: Kieran Valla
Producer: Daniel Marks, Levi Smock
Stars: Kim Director, Erin Darke, Bill Sage, Alex Shaffer, Kevin Bigley, Lorraine Farris
Synopsis: All Joey wants is to be like his father, the leader of a gang of small-time thieves in rural Connecticut. So when Joey’s father asks him to fill in as a lookout, Joey is thrilled--until a routine robbery goes very wrong. What kind of man does Joey want to be, and what does he owe to the people he loves?
Trailer: Delinquent
Q&A Attendees Immediately After Film: Co-writer Levi Smock, Kevin Bigley, Bill Sage, Daniel Marks

9:40PM Interior Night
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Length: 93 Minutes
Location: AMC Boston Common
Director: Alan Watt
Stars: Riley Smith, Christina Scherer, Erinn Hayes, Micah Hauptman, Kirk Baltz
Synopsis: Over the course of one night, four characters whose lives are enmeshed hit bottom. Each must reveal the dark secret that could destroy their life or set them free. Their webs of denial and deceits unravels over the course of the night, and as dawn approaches, their clashes intensify revealing secrets, difficult truths – and ultimately a fragile but real connection to each other.
Trailer: Interior Night
Interior Night
Q&A Attendees Immediately After Film: Dir. Al Watt, Micah Hauptman, Christina Scherer


12:00PM Shorts Program I Theatre One, Revere Hotel<
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How Was Your Day
Length: 14 Minutes
Director: Damien O’Donnell
Synopsis: A woman is excited about the approaching birth of her first child.
Length: 6min 35sec
Director: Yohahn Ko
Synopsis: A grieving mother relives the loss of her son through the world of a fishbowl.
New Moon
Length: 14 Minutes
Director: Andrea Cavalcini
Synopsis: Mother and daughter live peacefully on a beach--until a newcomer arrives who might disturb their harmony.
Last Bay Scallops
Length: 30 Minutes
Director: John Stanton
Synopsis: Will Nantucket island be able to save its bay scallop fishery, or will the economy and local culture that grew up around commercial scalloping be lost to history?
Length: 14 Minutes
Director: Arun Lakra
Synopsis: A world famous gambler with a mysterious understanding of the odds is about to bet $850,000,000... until he 'randomly' selects a young woman from his audience, who claims to have figured out his mathematical secret.
Boat People
Length: 28 Minutes
Director: Markus Kaatsch
Synopsis: On his journey from Somalia to Europe, shipwrecked Moussa is picked up by a wealthy couple on their luxurious catamaran.
Length: 5 Minutes
Director: Noam Tomaschoff
Synopsis: When a mass shooting is stripped of stories of attackers and victims, ideas about mental health and delusions, extremism, and revenge, what's left?
Length: 10 Minutes
Director: Jared Kuteroff
Synopsis: What do you do when the world is against you at every turn? Live strangely, boldly, and document your adventures with an iPhone.
Length: 13 min 38 sec
Director: Steve Desmond
Synopsis: Jenn lives in an underground bunker with her family, protected from the monsters that now ravage the world. This is the day that she goes outside…

2:45PM Shorts Program II Theatre One, Revere Hotel
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Length: 14 Minutes
Director: Elnura Osmonalieva
Synopsis: A beautiful young woman is forced into an arranged marriage.
Director: Vishal Jejurkar
Human Interest
Length: 16 Minutes
Director: Barret Shuler
Synopsis: A dark, comedic, musical look at the life of an individual who’s just trying to be human.
The Understudy
Length: 7 Minutes
Director: Morgane Polanksi
Synopsis: The obsession of an understudy with a well-known English stage actress. How far will she go to reach her goal?
Length: 10 Minutes
Director: Dan Levy Dagerman
Synopsis: Natalie Sparks, a renowned actress, spends her life making sacrifices and choices, prioritizing her career over all else, but secretly wonders if she has made the right choices.
Length: 28 Minutes
Director: Robby Martinez
Synopsis: A wealthy couple make a very risky venture, trying for all or nothing in their divorce.
The Law of Moments
Length: 16 Minutes
Director: Emma Samms
Synopsis: Could the laws of physics apply to the relationships within a family?
Split Ticket
Length: 19 min 35 sec
Director: Alfred Thomas Catulfo
Synopsis: In 1947, newly-minted congressmen and future presidents John F. Kennedy, age 29, and Richard Nixon, age 34, travel to Pennsylvania where they must make a fateful decision.
Democracy in the Driver’s Seat
Length: 8 Minutes
Director: Gail Gilbert
Synopsis: For better or worse, most Americans take our government’s structure for granted--but how easily could it actually fail?

5:00 PM Unforgotten: The Paul Pender Story
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Length: 64 Minutes
Location: AMC Boston Common
Director: Felice Leeds
Narrator: Mary Babbitt
Starring: Dr. Ann McKee, Bud Collins, Tony DeMarco, Michael Dukakis
Synopsis: The extraordinary story of Boston's own Golden Age boxer - from his struggles overcoming physical adversity to his against-the-odds victory over Sugar Ray Robinson to become World Champion. Later in life he suffers from from the debilitating brain disease CTE, and his brain study starts a movement that transforms the future of sports.
Trailer: Unforgotten: The Paul Pender Story Trailer
Q&A Attendees Immediately After Film: Dir. Felice Leeds, Paul Pender, Jr., Mike Silver, Richard Johnson, Tony DeMarco, and Dr. Robert Cantu, World Renowned Expert, center of CTE at BU

7:00PM American Wrestler: The Wizard
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Length: 117 Minutes
Location: AMC Boston Common
Director: Alex Ranarivelo
Producer: Ali Afshar, Hadeel Reda
Starring: William Fichtner, Jon Voight, George Kosturos, Ali Afshar, Lia Marie Johnson, Kevin G Schmidt, Gabe Basso and Sasha Feldman
Synopsis: In 1980, a teenage boy escapes the unrest in Iran only to face more hostility in America, due to the hostage crisis. Determined to fit in, he joins the school’s floundering wrestling team. Fighting to master the sport and identify as an American in a hostile environment, he learns lessons about love, friendship, heartache, and finding the strength within himself to be his own champion.
American Wrestler
Q&A Attendees Immediately After Film: George Kosturos, Hadeel Reda, William Fichtner

7:00PM SEARCHDOG - The Ultimate Second Chance Story
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Length: 88 Minutes
Location: Patriot Cinema, Hingham
Director: Mary Healey Jamiel
Producer: Elaine Rogers, Mary Healey Jamiel
Starring: Matthew Zarella, Matthew T. Zarrella and K9 Buster, Scott Carlesten, Daniel O'Neil and K9 Ruby, Charles Bergeron and K9 Zeus, Abbe Chabot and K9 Pivot, Shawn Porter and K9 Myka, Michelle Merrifield K9 Piper
Synopsis: Searchdog is the story of Matthew Zarella, a Rhode Island State Police Sargeant who rehabilitates "unadoptable" pound dogs and transforms them into search and rescue dogs. We come know Matthew and his dogs and witness his extraordinary moments over four years of real time searches as he trains troopers and their new canine partners to find missing persons.
Website: www.searchdogmovie.com
Q&A Attendees Immediately After Film: Dir. Mary Healey Jamiel, Matthew T. Zarella & K9 Buster, Scott Carlesten, Daniel O’Neill & K9 Ruby, Charles Bergeron & K9 Zeus, Abbe Chabot & K9 Pivot, Shawn Porter & K9 Myke, and Michelle Merrifield & K9 Piper

7:00PM Kepler’s Dream
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Length: 90 Minutes
Location: Patriot Cinema, Hingham
Director: Amy Glazer
Producer: Sedge Thomas
Starring: Holland Taylor, Sean Patrick Flanery,, Kelly Lynch, Isabella Blake-Thomas
Synopsis: An 11 year old girl searches for a missing rare book from her grandmother's library and tries to understand why her family is fractured the way it is during a memorable summer at an isolated New Mexico adobe. While her mother undergoes treatment for leukemia, Ella must journey on her own to find acceptance of her mother's fate, and understanding of her father.
Trailer: Keplers Dream

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